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MegaTrucks provides a wide range of Expedited Transportation services to ensure your urgent deliveries are on time, every time.

A transportation company's ability to find its customers a quick solution has never been more vital. To do this, the best transportation providers lean on their expertise, network, and creativity to offer quick-fix solutions.

Expedited shipping has the following features:

  • Expedite shipping is an efficient way of delivering freight that ensures goods arrive faster than standard transit time.
  • This method of delivery guarantees the preservation of the quality of the goods. So it is the perfect logistics solution for dry loads of the medical, pharmaceutical, and e-commerce industries.

And it's the best solution for small or middle-sized shipments, while not all huge freights can be delivered by this method.

Expedited transportation requires the well-coordinated work of the entire team. We have reliable and experienced drivers who can take the shortest and most effective routes. In some cases, utilizing the help of two drivers at once to deliver your cargo will ensure it is carried out without interruption.

Our team utilizes the most innovative tools and equipment to make the process of shipping fast, easy, and convenient for the shipper and receiver. You can control the situation thanks to top-quality satellite tracking, and you will be aware of where your cargo is and what happens to it at any time; it will also help calculate the exact time of arrival of the goods.

With us, you will never worry about delayed delivery. Punctuality is one of our primary goals in business. To fulfill your order in the shortest possible time, we need to know the type of cargo, its quantity, the point of departure and arrival, and the desired delivery time.

Mega trucks are the best choice for those who put quality and speed first.





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