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Less than Truck Load

There are two ways to ship your goods on trucks, by either utilizing Full Truck Load or Less Than Truck Loads(LTL). If your cargo is small, the most affordable service will be the LTL, and it is the cheapest service because the total cost of transport is divided among several customers.

Features Less than Truckload:

  • LTL allows you to reduce logistics costs, but the trip will be slower because you need to deliver goods to different delivery points.
  • The cargo must be solid and stable or adequately packaged to withstand manipulation at various stages of the process and avoid damage.
  • Goods that have no expiry date could be typically found on a trailer of an LTL carrier.
  • Cargos with unusual dimensions, such as piping used for homes, floor material such as laminate, or any other odd-sized product, can also be found on LTL.
  • LTL helps to lower the warehouse costs for your goods.

With LTL, you only pay depending on the class and size of the cargo, and no extra fees are included. Therefore it is essential to find the correct category for your shipment. Our logistics coordinators have the experience to help you identify the merchandise with the right kind and lowest cost for your type of product.

It is our responsibility to meet the expectations of each of our clients. We value and respect all your desires and requirements, whether you are a leader on the market or just a beginner entrepreneur. We pick up the most revolutionary solutions to meet the needs of your business.


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