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It is essential for each client to know that his cargo is safe and sound and will arrive at the right place on time. And satellite tracking will be the key to your peace of mind and the productive work of the transport company employees.

There are various reasons to order Satellite tracking:

  1. The tracking service is a guarantee of your calm and confidence. Whether you are a first-time freight forwarder or a regular customer, it is essential to check the arrival and delivery time, so you can finish your other tasks while waiting for the arrival.
  2. You control your shipment. Thanks to satellite tracking, you always know where your freight is. Our dispatchers will provide ETA's of the truck's location and the shipment's detours to reach its final destination.
  3. Satellite tracking allows you to make the right business decisions quickly. Various situations can arise along the way, ranging from challenging weather conditions to an accident.
  4. In an emergency, it is crucial to make the right decision immediately. Sometimes delaying a shipment can cost a company's reputation. Thus, with satellite tracking, you will be able to react quickly, and our team will find a compelling alternative way to maintain your reputation and avoid financial losses.
  5. Satellite tracking enhances drivers' safety and performance. It also encourages drivers to maintain safety measures at the wheel due to monitoring driving behavior.

The quality of satellite tracking becomes more effective as the equipment advances; therefore, we pay special attention to selecting equipment and software. MegaTrucks has trained customer specialists who will guide you through the shipment tracking process.




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