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Full Truck Load

Full Truck Load(FTL) is one type of freight transport. FTL is the direct cargo delivery from the start to the endpoint. FTL trucking has several advantages over the alternative trucking shipment:

  • FTL reduces the waiting time for loading and co-loading time with other clients' packages.
  • Safety increases with FTL because the trailer is only loaded with your cargo and is carefully sealed.
  • We deliver the vehicle to your warehouse, and there is no need to hand over the cargo through collection points or to the warehouse of a transport company.
  • FTL reduces the travel time since there is no need to deliver goods to other customers, to call at intermediate points along the trail.
  • FTL has several options to speed up your services, such as choosing trailers and delivery dates.
  • Your company can correct the proposed route, request route changes, and order a visit to additional points.

FTL is suitable for large and expedited shipments; however, LTL is another option if your business does not require an FTL Shipment, review LTL { please put a link arrow to direct them to LTL)


Contact us today if you are looking for a transport company with a Full Truck Load. We provide a truck that fully meets your requirements and delivers the goods on time to anywhere in the country.



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